糖果鳥Candy Bird 是個塗鴉名,我出生於台灣台北,從事塗鴉藝術、壁畫和插畫。聚焦於人類現實世界,表達社會議題、反思公平性是我創作的初衷。在作品集裡是是常年累積的一些塗鴉和壁畫,我用主題去分類,最終希望透過藝術,去創造想像的世界,並讓大眾可以走進去和思考。有關報導請按 ”NEWS”。合作或查詢請按 “CONTACTS“。


Candy Bird, née Han Chun-Yueh, is a Taiwanese street artist whose works of art are hidden on the corners of the streets, ruins or private spaces in Taiwan and other countries. His inspiration is around human beings, and focuses on history, social issue and equality.

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